Setting the requirements for rapid response

  • Cyber Defence Rapid Response Capability

  • Operational challenges of rapid response

  • Cyber Education, Training and Exercises

  • The R&T dimension for Cyber Defence Rapid Response Capability


Rapid Response Solutions Research and Innovation on Cyber:

  • Building an EU Rapid Response

  • Cyber Situation Awareness


Training, Developing and Exercising a Rapid Response Force

Cross-sectorial cooperation on EU civil-military synergies


Cyber Defence Training and Education Platform


Other topics of interest are (but not limited to):

  • Information assurance and cyber defence
  • Cyber decision support systems and dynamic risk management

  • intrusion detection, analysis, attribution, and impact/damage assessment

  • Cyber security metrics

  • Cyber security visualization

  • Survivability and resilience

  • Artificial Intelligence solutions for cyberdefence

  • Trust, secure information sharing, and secure collaboration

  • Cyber defence simulation